Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comedy Court - Malaysia's best comedians plus let's celebrate Samy Velu's birthday

Hope you will watch Malaysia's best comedians direct from Comedy Court's latest hits. Not sure what exactly you will get by clicking on the link, but the link was obtained from the web browser's address bar while I was watching "Samy Velu's birthday which coincidentally falls on 8 March, same as polling (election) day this year, 2008. Make sure you have your speakers on or you will miss the fun.

Just to make sure you don't miss Samy Velu's birthday party, I am embedding the video here, but really hope you watch that plus other hits like "Lingam's Devil's curry", "Check three times", "Rough Little Indian Boys", "Election blah, blah, blah" and "Family Tree".

Samy Velu's Birthday

UPDATE: Heard reference to Women's Day. I am afraid some may miss what the comedians are referring to. I think they are referring to "Kak Bedah" (from memory), a virtual candidate of Women's Candidacy Initiative (WCI) whose candidate for the 2008 Malaysia General Election did not contest because she fell sick (all for women's right, but with all sympathies to the sick one, we cannot afford to have the opposition votes split) which I think is a good thing. "Kak Bedah" (not the sick one, but a representative goes round with a shopping cart shopping for a candidate who will represent women's rights (heard Tony Pua, Parliamentary candidate for Petaling Jaya (PJ) Utara endorsing in public the stand of WCI at the SS2 Petaling Jaya ceramah).

However, when "Kak Bedah" tried to approach Samy Velu, they were told to get out as Samy Velu told them off: "I don't want to listen to you" plus I also vaguely remembered the women were man handled out of the room.

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