Saturday, March 01, 2008

Malaysia and Italy: Similarities

There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Malaysia and although I have not come across any specifically Malaysian restaurant in Italy, I would be very surprised if there is no Chinese restaurant in Italy. Chinese form a significant proportion the multi-racial population of Malaysia.

Malaysian food Italian food: Similarities

Malaysia has its curry puff, pastry stuffed with fillings. Now look at this Italian calzone:

calzone Italian foodPhoto of Big Calzone is property of Beatrice Murch

To me it is another curry puff, except it is much bigger and the fillings are different.

There is another one - spaghetti. We have something similar, mee, or in Cantonese, meen. Differences are that there is only one recipe for spaghetti, but probably hundreds for Malaysian mee or meen.

There is a third one - lasagna.

Lasagna Italian food
Photo of Lasagna is property of Jessica

I have tasted lasagna before. To me, it is alternate layers of Malaysian "chee cheong fun" and fillings baked in an oven while our "chee cheong fun" is steamed.

Italian food is delicious, healthy Mediterranean food, and although there are plenty of Italian restaurants in Malaysia, there is nothing like the real thing you get in Italy.

Rome, capital city of Italy

Malaysian ColosseumRome is the capital city of Italy while the capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. The similarities between Malaysia and Italy are not only in some food. In the center of Rome is the Colosseum or Coliseum, an elliptical amphitheatre used in the past for gladiators fighting and other gory stuff. In the center of Kuala Lumpur too is the Malaysian Colosseum, a photo of which you can see in the left of this paragraph. However, the only fighting you will see in the Malaysian Colosseum will be some Indian actors fighting in a Hindi film, for the Malaysian Colosseum well preserved building which is part cinema, part restaurant and part hotel while the Rome Colosseum or Coliseum is a ruin, deserted, serving as a relic meant as a tourist attraction.

However, there is much to see, do and taste in Rome. You want to find out what are the attractions in Rome, all you have to do is to type or copy-paste "rome attractions" into the search box above, tick the radio button beside WEB and click SEARCH and you will find lots of sites detailing what you can see and do and eat in Rome. If those you find is sufficient to attract you to travel to Rome, do search for accommodation that is located where you want, have facilities you need and fit your budget. You can do that on websites like Rome Hotels.

Tycoons and businessmen and others traveling with expense paid not from their own pocket will probably want to go for 3 star hotels like Aldrovandi Palace Hotel Rome. If they want something like a home away from home, they may like to have a look at Intown Luxury House Rome which is also rated 5 stars, but is a luxury town house in the center of Rome. According to that website, you can choose to get pampered with massage, manicure and hairdresser.

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