Monday, April 07, 2008

Abandoned house needs MPPJ's attention (also Tenaga)

Here is a photo of an abandoned house in SS3 Petaling Jaya that requires urgently the attention of MPPJ (Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya or Petaling Jaya City Hall) and Tenage (Malaysia's electricity supplier):

abandoned house in SS3 Petaling Jaya

This part need Tenaga's attention. The high voltage cables and electricity meter are exposed to rain and water. Tenaga is the supplier of electricity. Electricity and water cannot mix. Electricity + water = danger:

Here is a shot of the same house from an angle, showing the abandoned overgrown garden with some terrazzo garden furniture in the background (white):

Here is a photo of the white terrazzo garden furniture beside which are opened septic tanks with covers missing, taken over the fence for clarity:

This photo taken over the fence will show more clearly the septic tanks minus the covers:

The right part of the garden is also badly overgrown:

Neighbours have told us they have complained to MPPJ a long time ago, but till today, nothing has been done. I am going to upload them to the Web, complain to MPPJ today, let a Selangor State Assembly knows, and let us see how long before this problem gets attended to.

7 April 2008

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