Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Minute Air Flight Hotel

The relationship between Malaysia and Australia with many assorted ties. Many Malaysians have friends and relatives in Australia and many have studied in Australian institutions of higher learning. While many who have studied there have returned to serve Malaysia, many others have opted to stay put in Australia. Many parents here too have children studying in Australia. Thus it is no surprise to see that many are traveling from Malaysia to Australia and vice-versa.

Many Malaysians have the bad habit of waiting till the last minute to do something like catching last minute flights or seeking last minute accommodation. Malaysian are incorrigible bargain hunter so it is also no surprise to see them seeking cheap flights

It is the start of a new year 2009 and there is one more task that need to be done which I hope no one will wait for the last minute, and that task is to submit their Income Tax return form. Make sure you have submitted your Income Tax return form before you fly off to Australia at the last minute.

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