Sunday, January 18, 2009

Travel luggages Hartmann Vera Bradley

Hartman luggageAnyone ever thought why those bags we use to put our clothing, toiletery, towel, etc. are called luggage. The word luggage comes from the root word lug which mean to drag, pull, carry laborously and that is exactly what you need to do when you travel, lug your stuff around. Definitely not a pleasant task. It is hard work, especially if you belong to the weaker sex. To facilitate the laborous lugging of heavy luggages, one can get a wheeled upright like the Hartmann Luggage which have wheels to allow the luggage to be effortlessly rolled aroung and an extensible handle to provide the grip to pull the luggage to wherever you desire.

As the fairer sex are fashion conscious, plain utilitarian type of luggages are not likely to appeal to them. That is where designer luggages like the Vera Bradley luggage with the beautiful Vera Bradley print.

Vera Bradley luggage

If one travel involves flying and are not carry a lot of things, it would be good to use Carry-On Luggage which one can carry into the airplane cabin. At disembarkation, you will not need to go to the luggage carousel and wait to get your luggage. Instead you will straight take your hand luggage and proceed to the custom and immigration section for clearance to exit.

Carry-on luggages are also useful to carry valuable stuff which you don't want to risk losing or which you may need to use in the cabin.

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