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Visit Malaysia Year 2007: Program for May to June

These are the programs planned for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 for the months of May an June:

1 May 2007: Vesak Day
Location: Throughout Malaysia

Thousands of Buddhists throng temples throughout the country to celebrate Wesak Day. It is a day when Buddhists observe the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. Religious offerings and rituals such as ‘bathing of the Buddha’, chanting of holy scriptures, lighting of joss sticks and ordination of monks usually take place in the Buddhist temples around this time. Come nightfall there will be grand processions in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Seremban, Malacca and George Town.

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Tel: 603-26937111
Fax: 603-26941146

1 - 6 May 2007: National Water Festival - Labuan International Sea Challenge
Location: Labuan, Sabah

The Labuan International Sea Challenge welcomes participants from around the world to share in an amazing week of :

(i) Rolex IGFA International Game Fishing Tournament

Prestigious deep sea fishing tournament is part of the qualifying circuit of the Rolex/IGFA Offshore Championship. This tournament is the region’s most challenging and the only extended long range deep sea fishing tournament.

(ii) Cross Channel Swimming Challenge

The swim spans 5.4 km of open sea towards Pulau Papan and back to Labuan. Local and international swimmers compete to break past year’s speed records and set a new time in the domestic and open categories.

(iii) Labuan International Extreme Kayak Challenge

This race is one of the longest and toughest in Malaysia comprising the individual and double categories. The race will be in a double format covering a distance of 84 km across the Brunei Bay, starting from Labuan to Sipitang and back.

(iv) Round Island Kayak Challenge

A kayak race designed for the highly skilled kayaker. The course is 50 km long and runs along the perimeter shoreline of Labuan Island.

More details available from:
MTPN Labuan
Fax: 087-419622

25 – 27 May 2007: Johore International Orchid Show
Location: Johore

This event will come alive with thousands of beautiful orchids. The festival will showcase exotic types of orchids around the world.

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MTPN Johor
Tel: 607-2241432
Fax: 607-2237554

26 May 2007: Colours of Malaysia
Location: Kuala Lumpur

This enthralling event showcases the best of Malaysian culture, craft and cuisine over an entire month. Delight in the colourful parades, dance and music performances; savour the array of mouth-watering local delicacies at food festivals and visit the exquisite cultural exhibition held nationwide.

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26 May – 2 June 2007: World Harvest Festival & Gawai Dayak
Location: Sarawak
Gawai Dayak, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Ibans, Orang Ulu and the Bidayuh of Sarawak celebrate Gawai Dayak or the rice harvesting season.The festival showcases cultures of the main ethnic groups in Borneo including the Dayaks, Malays, Melanaus and Chinese in a kaleidoscope of colourful cultural performances. Cultural troupes from around the region are also invited to participate in the festival.

30 - 31 May 2007: Tadau Kaamatan
Location: Sabah
Tadau Kaamatan, Sabah, Malaysia
Grateful thanks are offered to the spirit of Paddy by Bambaazon or high priestess of the KadazanDusun tribe. This is the Tadau Kaamatan, celebrated by Sabah’s largest ethnic group. Abundant rice wine or tuak, delicious food, dancing, buffalo racing and variety of games and other festivities take place as part of the celebrations.
This festival is observe at district level before concluding at the State Level in KDCA Penampang. Various events such as the singing (Sugandoi) and the most anticipated Harvest Queen or Unduk Ngadau competition

5 Jun - 7August 2007: Malaysia International Aerospace Exhibition
Location: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang, Selangor

Malaysia will be one of the few Asian countries to hold a world-class Aerospace Expo. Excitement will be in the air as locals and foreigners alike will be up close and personal with a space shuttle. The Buran Space Shuttle will be on display. Also included are a space artefact gallery, astranaut trainning show, shuttle flight simulator, lunar landing show, astranaut fitness test and other space related activities.

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8 – 10 June 2007: Penang International Dragon Boat Festival
Location: Penang

The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival is an exciting event with teams from around the region taking part in the splendid display of colour and noise as brightly painted boats race to rhythmic drum beating and roaring crowds. This fun –filled outing is a great way to spend a day with family and friends

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16 June – 2 September 2007: Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
Location: Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia

Grab the opportunity to enjoy amazing discounts and special offers during Malaysia’s biggest annual sales carnival! From designer wear to electronic items, from cosmetic to footwear, there’s something for everyone at the countless shopping malls and stores nationwide.

More details from:
Pempena Sdn Bhd
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Fax: 603-26916122

22 – 24 June 2007: Japan GT- Sepang Circuit
Location: Sepang, Selangor

This high profile event attracts a huge crowd with wide television and media coverage. Let you feel the speed of high-tech car modification!

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Tel : 603-87782222
Fax : 603-87831020

23 - 29 Jun 2007: Fiesta San Pedro
Location: Malacca

The feast of St. John is commemorated by the local Portuguese –Eurasian community where a lighted torch motorcade makes its way from Assumption church to the Portuguese Settlement for the lighting of a bonfire.

More details from:
MTPN Melaka
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24 June 2007: Penang Bridge International Marathon
Location: Penang

Participants will be running over the third longest bridge in the world-Penang Bridge – and along a scenic coastal highway. This is the only time of the year when the bridge is closed for several hours.

More details from:
MTPN Pulau Pinang
Tel: 604-2620202
Fax: 604-2631040

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