Friday, August 08, 2008

SS3 Petaling Jaya Community aerobic exercise

The SS3 Petaling Jaya Community aerobic exercises is normally led by K. Pathmanathan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am to 8am. When he is unable to led, he is replaced by Alan and other volunteers. Below is an unedited video of Alan leading the community accompanied by music (rest of community is in front of Alan, not in the video):

You can also view an edited video of Pathmanathan explaining how to warm up and stretch the muscles before the exercise proper.

All are welcome to join in this healthy activity. If interested, come to the covered basketball court at SS3 Petaling Jaya. Location is indicated in the map below:

faraway SS3 Petaling Jaya location map
zoom in SS3 Petaling Jaya basketball location map

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  1. that's my dad! isn't he smart looking?